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Trinkets Raiding
Aug 26, 12 10:29 AM
Future Trinkets Events
Aug 26, 12 10:11 AM
Aug 26, 12 9:56 AM
Trinkets Resurrection
Aug 26, 12 9:41 AM
Welcome to our new guild website

Welcome All,

Trinkets is a Recently Resurrected Guild, that has been put on standby soon after the cataclysm release!
Uv(Mikey) Gandélf(Dre) are working momentarily behind the scenes on the rebuild of trinkets.
Trinkets is a strong UK based guild, there are some different countries involved as well but the roots are British!

Trinkets gonna have a traditional way of playing, Its social with socially Progress raiding.
A wipe is too bad but were having fun so keep up that nice smiley Ladies,
Gentlemen don't cry its social!

Now for Real we are at first a Social Guild that's
gonna do after a point Raiding once or twice per week no pressure!

Panoranix, will be in charge of the pvp Events/Team this will be on a more seriously but still with an Eye on the Social aspect!

Currently I'm working on a Teamspeak 3 host, if that doesn't work out will come up with something else!
Teamspeak Servers aren't that expensive anymore.

So for now this is it!

Check out soon for more news!

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Trinkets Raiding
By Gandélf, Aug 26, 12 10:29 AM

Trinkets Raiding:

Trinkets will start raiding after a couple of months,

the way we raid is simple, we don't use DKP

since we are a social guild we will try to rotate between members as much as possible

the loots will be equally shared

Trinkets is go... Read More

Future Trinkets Events
By Gandélf, Aug 26, 12 10:11 AM

future trinkets events:

Duel Tournament (every one is allowed pvp/none pvp geared)

Alliance race! (example race from stormwind to Iron forge by walking mount)

Gather Race   ( gather mats that are giving by the event leader)

these events wil... Read More

By Gandélf, Aug 26, 12 9:56 AM

[i][b]We are currently recruiting any players with a social attitude,

If you want to raid ASAP Trinkets is not and will not be the most suitable guild for you!

We are a social raiding guild that takes time to explore the end content. [/b]


Were not saying its gonn... Read More

Trinkets Resurrection
By Gandélf, Aug 26, 12 9:41 AM

After a long period of time, trinkets was on a standby mode.

During the new Expansion Mysts Of Pandaria we are going to rebuild the guild.

Well of course the question raises how and what.

Let me tell you how:

We expect old Members to return when MoP hits, als... Read More

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